Shadow play is an ancient form of storytelling
yet to us it's a form of artistic enhancement
born from the mesmerising
connection between a source of light
and the object itself.
The powerful yet insignificant shapes
produced by a body coming between rays of light
and a surface creates the magic in the image.
The shadows miss interpreted reference as
proximity, ominous oppressiveness is to us the contrary,
– soft, understated and beautiful

Nourshing spaces

We have created a sensory space for our clients and collaborators to see, feel and experience how we live our design principles each day. We believe simplicity, calm and warmth can be energising, motivating and nurturing in a workspace, so we have put this into practice at our studio and showroom, Valvet. All pieces including art, interior and decor are available through ARK.

By appointment only–please contact us to book.

We would like to give you a gift - our time.
Time is the most precious of commodities and something we should never take for granted. Try to spend time identifying what brings positive energy into your life and perform actions which help you tune into your thoughts. These moments of pause and reflection can give absolute clarity to our thoughts.